she_wolf_j (she_wolf_j) wrote,

Brainbites addendum - because I haven't finsihed gnawing this bone yet

So, the persistance of belief, long after it's been proven to be false. Again, though my focus is primarilly on religious and/or spiitual beliefs, karmas, astrology and so on, I do apply this concept and these words to every field, science included. Because persistance of this sort is present in science as well -  there were always scientists who, when faced with facts that proved their preffered hypothesis to be wrong, chose to ignore the facts and kept defending their own stance way past its expiration date. Yeah, it does happen, more often then I'd like it to - we are, after all, human and letting go of something you hold dear is always hard. I d, however, find this way of acting to be far more common in 'believers' then in 'scientists'.

So, still gnawing the same bone, because I want to and feel like it right now.Collapse )


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